SeedRocket is the first Spanish accelerator for tech-based startups

SeedRocket accelerator
  • For ten years Seedrocket has been helping internet-based startups develop and scaling their businesses
  • The added value of SeedRocket lies in the Business Angels and mentors, all of whom are very well-known experts in the Internet sector in Spain

SeedRocket is the first accelerator for technology-based startups in Spain. It provides access to investors and business angels with a strong focus on technology-based startups at a seed stage.

SeedRocket is a private initiative created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs of Internet based startups. It provides training, investment and mentors to boost the startup growth, as well as coworking spaces in Barcelona and Madrid.

Created in 2008 by Jesús Monleón and Vicente Arias, who invested their own capital to organize the first Campus for Entrepreneurs (2009). Over the last ten years SeedRocket helped more than 90 startups during their initial development phase. Well-known companies like Deporvillage, Habitissimo, Kantox or Escapa Rural have gone through the Seed Funding Venture Program for Entrepreneurs offered by SeedRocket.

As a non-profit and equity free association, SeekRocket has managed to keep on doing what they do thanks to government grants, private sponsors and their members.


The added value of SeedRocket lies in the Business Angels and mentors, all of whom are very well-known experts in the Internet sector in Spain. SeedRocket has a wide network of mentors with many years of experience, who are willing to help Young entrepreneurs proactively, dedicating their time and know-how for free.

SeedRocket is also a registered Private Investors Network, investing in tech companies with a high potential of growth.


SeedRocket’s model has been tested both in the United States (Y Combinator, Techstars) and the UK (SeedCamp) and has been successfully implemented in Spain.

Each year SeedRocket organizes two editions of their Campus for Entrepreneurs (Barcelona and Madrid where it is headquartered), consisting on a 4-day training and mentoring marathon. The Campus closes with a demo day where the best ideas are presented to investors.

At each edition, three projects are selected, gaining access to SeedRocket’s coworking space for a period that can go up to nine months.

SeedRocket provides direct support to entrepreneurs and help create innovative projects by fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem. At the coworking space, entrepreneurs can engage with each other, building synergies, sharing know-how, expertise and contacts, all of which helps create new opportunities and contributes towards scaling up businesses.

SeedRocket also organizes workshops and other events to help train new entrepreneurs and help startups with funding.


For now, SeedRocket is focused on continuing to theirs programs, including initiatives such as the Campus for Entrepreneurs and the Venture on the Road, a roadshow held from October to June in different Spanish cities with the objetive of bringing startups and investors together.