Tecnalia Ventures, the venture builder that helps companies transfer their technology

Tecnalia Ventures
  • The incubator accompanies and accelerates the business opportunities of entrepreneurs from the idea to its validation in the market.
  • They have already promoted more than 22 active companies and have a portfolio of 13 investee companies, accumulating 33.5 million Euro in turnover and 267 jobs generated.

Tecnalia Ventures is a venture builder belonging to the research and technological development center Tecnalia, the top center in Spain and one of the most relevant in Europe.

It carries out comprehensive management of the life cycle of technological assets, from their definition to their commercialization. Thus, it maximizes their value and then transfers them to the market through the creation of technology-based companies or the sale of industrial property and increases the return on the investment made in R+D. In short, it transforms technology into GDP.

To this end, they seek technologically disruptive solutions that solve problems related to the results of the business fabric, accelerate them by deploying technological capabilities in them, expose them from the early stages of development to investment criteria and focus their efforts on the initiatives with the greatest commercialization potential. The aim is to accelerate the incubation of business opportunities, converting innovative technologies into profitable businesses capable of generating value for society.


Since its creation in 2013, Tecnalia Ventures has consolidated itself as a key tool for exploiting R&D. They have already promoted more than 22 active companies and have a portfolio of 13 investee companies, with a cumulative turnover of 33.5 million Euro and 267 jobs generated.

Also, Tecnalia has multiplied by seven the income it had in the industrial property sales section, made up of royalty income, technology sales and income derived from the creation and operation of new technology-based companies.

Likewise, in 2016, in addition to the 12 applications for software registrations, Tecnalia applied for 28 new patent families, of which 11 were obtained. Thus, the VB already has a portfolio of 116 families with 391 patents and is sixth in the ranking Spanish company in terms of applications for European patents.