C21 BeBrave’s watches and sunglasses marry style with Christianity

c21brbrave founders
  • The spanish brand wants to prove that fashion and religion can be compatible.

C21BeBrave is an ecommerce platform founded in 2015, selling watches, with interchangeable straps, and sunglasses.

Founded by Raúl Hita Ortega and Rafa Muñoz Navarro, it operates in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, and was selected in 2016 to participate in Seedrocket Madrid’s programme.


The fashion brand’s aim is to prove that “being Christian and enjoying life is compatible nowadays.” Not only does its products have an attractive design, they are also sold at accessible prices and embrace social responsibility.

The brand already has over 4,000 registered users. The idea came up in August 2013, when the CEOs, who are childhood friends, were attending World Youth Day, in Brazil.

“Our idea was to transmit, in people’s daily lives, the messages of hope that Pope Francis gave out during the World Youth Day in Brazil. The problem was how to do that. It wasn’t an easy task,” say the founders.

“After thinking about how we could pass on those messages in a more modern and attractive way for a long time, we decided we would do it through fashion.”

The idea for the name of brand came from “Christians from the 21st Century,” while BeBrave stands for fighting for what you believe in.

“We wanted the brand to reflect the breath of fresh air that Pope Francis has brought in the past years,” the founders point out. “For sure, the C21 family are people who live in the modern world and know that having values is not incompatible with enjoying life.”

C21BeBrave’s business model is based on marketing online and social advertising, and around €16K was required to launch the startup. No additional rounds of investments were needed.

The startup’s aim is to continue to grow in Spain and in other countries including Germany, the UK, Italy, France and Portugal.