Last Mile

Last Mile is a tech-based innovative startup in the goods road transport space, a $ 2.3 Trillion global market.

Founded in 2016, launched in January 2020 its inclusive digital solutions to urban distribution problems, that consistently reduce congestion and emissions over 30% and costs over 25%, with current vehicle fleets.

When the state of alarm was declared, they continued working on the design and development of solutions to alleviate the effects of the health crisis, respond to the new demands for the management of transport capacity and social distancing in supply chains, help transporters to resume their activity safely, and cities to improve the provision of services that society needs, reducing their cost, supporting their work and protecting field staff from contagion

They have received several awards for innovation. Recognized by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Urban Mobility, it is part of the select Scale-up Hub group.

They offer a hyper-scalable certified SaaS platform, validated as a corporate and enterprise line-of-business application by Microsoft and Honeywell.

Based on an IP registered proprietary combination of algorithms and processes, optimizes routes considering multiple criteria (environmental, traffic, labor and other city or zone-specific regulations). Integrates and orchestrates over a dozen different additional technologies to manage, follow and share status of all pick-up, transport and delivery operations in real time.

Partners in several H2020 Research and Innovation Actions. Members of Madrid Livig Lab, responsible to build and evaluate disruptive urban goods distribution models Digital Twins.

Last Mile Team wants to be a global company, its founders are based in Madrid although they are exploring entering the US market.

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Last Mile Team, last mile delivery digitization

Last Mile Team, a startup that simultaneously offers companies of any size the ability to easily incorporate into their distribution operations a level of customer experience, optimization and visibility comparable to Amazon or Uber.