TheVentureCity’s mission is to support the best early-stage software businesses with capital and operational expertise. We do so by investing in fast-growing Seed & Series A software companies with the potential to generate $100M annual revenues in 7-8 years. We look for companies that are capital efficient and follow a product-led growth methodology . We target emerging tech hubs in the United States and Europe that have highly productive and specialized talent but do not have enough venture capital investment.

We are a group of international executives with experience in growing technology companies globally. We leverage our operational expertise and investment experience to help the best founders scale their businesses to extraordinary heights.

Our venture capital fund is part of a greater firm: TheVentureCity, which employs a team of operational experts (Engineers, Product Managers, Data Scientists, and Growth. See “2.0 Management Team”). This type of talent not only attracts the best entrepreneurs but also increases the probability of success for our portfolio companies. This lowers the risk of our investments and increases our ability to deliver greater returns.

Furthermore, TheVentureCity has invested in several startups such as: Nalej, Boatsetter, Returnly, Fastmind, Jobartis, Cabify, Finconecta, Fluvip, Hogaru, Enjoy HQ, Optimus Ride, Pixlee, SpotaHome, Glamping Hub, Playground, RecargaPay, Rocket, Levee, Bewe y, como acabas de publicar (gracias), SimpliRoute. At the same time, this vehicle has raised -until now-, Fund I of 50 millions of euro.

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Investments | Ecosystem
TheVentureCity has invested more than one million euros through its Growth Program in the first half of 2020

TheVentureCity, the new investment and acceleration model that helps diverse founders achieve a global impact, continues its pace of investment and bets on 11 startups for its Growth Program in this first half of 2020.

Investments | Latin America
SimpliRoute startup closes a $3 million Series A round led by TheVentureCity

SimpliRoute, the first Smart Logistics solution in Latin America, closes a $3 million Series A round led by TheVentureCity, the new investment and acceleration model that helps diverse entrepreneurs achieve global impact.

Ecosystem | Announcements
Nalej Lab expands in Europe with TheVentureCity

Backed by TheVentureCity, the Nalej™ platform is opening its first innovation Lab in Europe. Headquartered in Silicon Valley and New York, Nalej’s gateway to global expansion is Madrid. The Lab will become a startup hub, offering services and knowledge in IoT, Smart Cities, and Cloud Computing. Stephen Reade, CEO of Nalej, made the announcement at […]

Ecosystem | Europe
Laura González-Estéfani appointed to guide the European Innovation Council (EIC)

The European Commission has included two Spaniards in the exclusive group of 22 experts who will lead the strategy of the recently created European Innovation Council (EIC). This body, which was born in 2017, has a current budget of 3 billion and aims to finance the innovations with the greatest impact in Europe.

Ecosystem | Partnership
Wayra and TheVentureCity sign a deal to invest jointly in deep tech startups

Wayra Spain and TheVentureCity have jointly signed a deal to invest in startups in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Video, Cybersecurity, Edge Computing, among others. Each startup they invest on will receive up to 250k euros, from which Wayra can provide up to 150k euros.