GoHub Technologies: solutions for emergency situations at the service of society

  • Technology has become essential for the economy to function during adverse periods of time
  • Dypsela, Dasware, Allread, Barbara IoT, Go Aigua, Solver ML, Analyticalls y Docuten help to counteract the effects of the crisis
  • The innovative universe that brings together GoHub is determined to contribute to the community with all its technological knowledge

Technology is becoming essential for the economy to function, especially during adverse situations such as the one we are living in. From GoHub we want to share real use cases of our startups that are currently working within different areas to help reduce the effects of this crisis.

Companies need to keep selling their products to avoid collapse. In that sense, Dypsela, with a software capable of creating digital clones of any product, it brings them closer to consumers anywhere in the world and allows brands and manufacturers to connect with their customers without the need for physical visits. The algorithm and artificial intelligence, through its Digital Clone application,converts products into Augmented Reality and allows them to be shared through ecommerce or social networks without the need to install anything, only with a link.

Dasware. Technology to avoid contagion in communities of neighbours with its electronic contactless accesses and locks

The need to avoid as much as possible the approach and contact between individuals, something complicated for example in a neighborhood community, gives meaning to Dasware technology, which can digitize authorizations and accesses and facilitate electronic openings and closings without the need for contact on surfaces in common areas. For example, it allows individuals toavoid using their hands to call the intercom or press the open button, since each user can activate it through their own mobile phone.

AllRead. Through its technology, it guarantees the supply of goods to supply our basic needs.

The total or partial brake on air, sea or rail transport has had a full impact on companies in the sector, which must now focus on guaranteeing the transport of goods and the supply of products.AllRead with advanced machine vision technology that accurately detects, reads, and converts any text, code, or symbol within supply chains into big data. Its solution keeps facilities like airports, stations, or logistics centers under control.