Homologation Student Services places students at the university that best suits them

Homolgation Student Services founders
  • With a wide network of partnerships, this startup offers students free services and many advantages

Homologation Student Services (Hostudents) is a company dedicated to offering help and advice to students wanting to study abroad. The company assists students in finding the university course that best suits their needs and expectations, as well as managing the entire legal process.

Alejandro Casado, María Dolores Granados and Enrique Martos created Homolgation Student Services in 2013 with an investment of 3.000€ and no support from venture capitalists. Initially working with five universities, the company has built a network of partner universities, which includes more than 27 academic institutions, which has enabled them to provide free consultancy on the entire academic offer available.


Their team of professionals helps students enrol in prestigious international universities, quickly and easily. Homolgation Student Services is not dedicated to selling universities. The company’s purpose is to guide students towards the best option for their future. Students resorting to Homolgation Student Service will also have access to many advantages, including admission tests online, customized assessment and wide range of choice of bachelor’s and master’s among European Universities.

The company also assists students with all the necessary legal paperwork, such as Student Visa, UNED Credential, High School legalization, and other documents that international students are required in order to access the Spanish University System.

In addition, depending on client’s needs, Homolgation Student Services has services designed to maximise student’s international experience, offering the best university accommodations, finance, health insurance, bank account opening and many other advantages.


What makes this company different is that it offers free university consulting, linking it to specialized and comprehensive legal advice. Homolgation Student Service manages all the legal procedures involved in the enrolment process.

For students, their services are free and without any obligation. Homolgation Student Service’s business model is based on the experience of their team in recruiting international students for their partner universities, receiving a commission paid by the university per each student placed.

They also provide consultancy services for Universities interested in improving their internationalization or their legal documentation procedures. To date this company has not needed to launch any rounds of investment.

Homolgation Student Services is a company based in Spain, but it serves students from all over the world who wish to study at one of its partner universities. The company also manages the academic documentation from more than 80 different countries.

For the future, this successful business is focused on increasing revenues, establish new university partnerships and recruit more international students.