FUDEAT allows you to book the best caterers in your city

  • The company name reflects the pains associated with booking a caterer.

Founded in April 2017 by Javier Martín, FUDEAT is a curated corporate catering marketplace that allows customers to browse, compare and book different caterers and have the peace of mind that they are booking a quality service. The platform already has big names available such as SixSens by Cari Goyanes, Kirei by Kabuki, Triciclo, El Mentidero de la Villa and Pedro Larumbe.

The company name reflects the pains associated with booking a caterer. The name is made up of the words FUD and EAT, FUD stands for the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt that goes through any event organizer’s mind when thinking about whether people will like the food, whether the caterer will be on time and whether there will be enough food.

FUDEAT solves these pains by putting customer and product development at the forefront. The company’s mantra is: ‘exclusivity is earned by excellence’. They listen to and learn from their clients, so they can repeat what they do well and improve anything that does not work.

So far, the company with more than 150 clients in Spain has investment from Palladium Venture Capital; Hugo Arévalo and Félix Ruiz, who have invested in startups such as Jobandtalent, Deporvillage and Hawkers; the restauranteur Pedro Larumbe; barman Diego Cabrera and Director of El Referente, José Torrego.


Their next steps are geographical expansion (they will be launching in Barcelona), reinforcing their business model with innovative and cross-selling products and improving their platform with new features that will facilitate scalability. One of the new features that has been added is venue rental.

Now you can find the perfect venue and caterer for your event all in one place. The options include a diverse range of venues, from modern top-floor venues in the heart of Madrid such as the Palacio de la Prensa tower to remote rustic locations such as the Aldeallana Estate in Segovia.