Capaball Closes its first year with €500,000 of private financing

Capaball Startuo Team
  • Since its establishment, Capaball has carried out two investment rounds.

Capaball was born in February 2018 with the aim of training the workers of the future by improving their knowledge and skills in the areas related to digital transformation (hard & soft skills). This e-learning platform is a simple way to learn.

It is the first artificial intelligence tool for the creation of personalized plans with a continuous learning format. Each user can access their account and perform an initial test in which they are asked their time availability to learn, preferred formats (audio, video, text…) and knowledge and skills in which they want to be trained. This is when the algorithm selects, among the millions of structured and unstructured learning contents, those that best adapt to the user and create a Personalized Training Plan for each one.

When selecting the content, the algorithm focuses on those highlighted by the collective intelligence and is complemented by a filter with variables such as affinity, relevance and reputation of the source. After the first filter, the content which is chosen and classified goes through an additional filtering process characterised by the team responsible for Capaball’s content as well user ratings. 

Capaball aims to transform the way professionals learn. It does not specialise in a specific subject, but rather it creates comprehensive training tracks that allow the acquisition of multiple skills required in the new jobs demanded by the labour market. 


According to a report by McKinsey, between 555 and 890 million new jobs will be generated. On the other hand, between 400 and 800 million jobs will be affected by automation. This cut will mainly affect the professional functions that are more likely to be assumed by the machines (calculation, force, high risk, accuracy, information management, prediction and driving).

Just one year after its launch, Capaball has a strong client base ranging from large companies such as Porsche Ibérica, Dior, 3M, Internet República, Valhalla, etc.

Since its establishment, Capaball has carried out two investment rounds. Capaball Closes its first year with €500,000 of private financing closed 2018 with €500,000 thanks to investment partners such as: Carlos Blanco, through the venture capital fund Encomenda Smart Capital; Kike Sarasola, Chairman of Room Mate Hotels; Marieta del Rivero, former CEO of Nokia Iberia and Chairwoman of International Women’s Forum (IWF), Maylis Chevalier, CEO of Ligatus of the Bertelsmann Group, Javier Gayoso, former CEO of Spotify Iberia and Joan Jordi Vallverdú, CEO of Omnicom.