Billage it’s a platform that allows to organize the management of SMEs in a unified way, from customer management to billing and project task management. This is an all-in-one solution created to help small businesses and self-employed people run their businesses better. It was founded in 2013 by Antoni Guitart, Pau Buixeda and Francisco Philip. It is possible to carry out all the operations related to the business from a computer or a tablet with internet access.

Users can use Billage for free up to a limit of 60 invoices per year. Billage also supports the integration of external management systems.

In its full version, this web tool includes a CRM, an invoicing system, a document management system, a project manager and online alert and analysis services and collaboration with work teams. The startup operates mainly in Spain, where it has more than 20,000 users.

Billage has been in the Bbooster, Bstartup and Wayra acceleration programs, and has received help from Enisa, a public organization that helps business development. Bbooster, through SCR Sinensis Capital, is one of its most relevant investors. To date, they have launched two investment rounds worth €450,000. In addition, Billage has been recognized with the TOP 100 Red Herring Europe and Best Business Model Initiator awards.  Furthermore, in December 2019 it was the winner of Banco Santander’s open innovation program “The Call”.


Investments | Investments
Fintech Cobee closes €2.1m pre-Series A round

Cobee is the first European digital platform that allows management of employee benefits in a simple, effective, fully automated way. With Cobee, organisations have a simple system to offer different benefits and products to their employees (meals, transport, nursery, medical insurance, etc.).

Startups | Fintech
Startups | Fintech
Unnax is the provider of Open Banking solutions in Spain

Unnax is a provider of Open Banking solutions that, through its APIS portfolio, allows companies to obtain user banking data, it also enables the payment process and moves money in an intelligent way.

Startups | Fintech
Investments | Fintech
Fintech bnc 10 closes a Bridge Round of over 1 millions of euro and hits more than 10,000 users in three months

Bnc10, the first local alternative to traditional banking, closed a 1 millions of euro bridge round this December. Over 50 investors participated in the financing operation. This round will allow the Barcelona Fintech to speed up the development of its app with new services and disruptive technologies that will help its clients to manage, share […]

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Coinscrap, winner of the first El Referente magazine awards 2019

Coinscrap, the startup that allows its users to save by rounding up their transactions, has won the first edition of the El Referente magazine awards 2019. José Torrego, director of the publication, assured during the award ceremony that these awards were a “necessary for the ecosystem and that El Referente had the obligation to organize […]

Investments | Fintech raises 1,15 millions of euro in a round of funding

The Spanish fintech StudentFinance, has raised an investment round of 1,150,000 euros, to consolidate the educational financing system based on the “Income Shared Agreement”. The company will use this capital to build a technological data infrastructure that provides a platform to its partner schools to offer this new financing model. According to the company “It […]

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Declarando, the platform that helps the self-employed to pay their taxes

Declarando is a platform that helps Spanish self-employed to avoid certain errors when paying taxes. These workers pay around 4,000 euros more per year in taxes than they should, as they deduct fewer expenses than they are actually entitled to in their quarterly VAT returns. With Declarando, a self-employed person keeps his accounts, makes invoices, presents […]

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GOIN, the financial startup with which to operate in markets such as Bitcoin

Goin, a platform focused on financial savings, was created in 2018 with the objective of “helping the millennial generation save”, as explained by the company’s founders, David Ruidor Gabriel Esteban and Carlos Rodríguez. Goin’s project focuses on “helping users from the moment they set a goal until they have it in their hands, e.g. an […]

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Bnext, manages the user’s economy with a single application

Bnext, its based on a marketpalce of financial, insurance and travel-related products, all managed through a single account. The financial company also works with an electronic money institution regulated by the Bank of Spain.


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Accelerators and awards with open calls for entrepreneurs and startups

El Referente has compiled in the following report all the initiatives looking for innovative companies in order to incorporate them into their programs. Some of them end on October, while others will remain open until November and December.

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ID Finance has surged past its 2.3 million euros Crowdfunding target on Crowdcube

Digital platform ID Finance has raised over 2 million euros at crowdfounding within a week to the moment, this amount will help the company to improve and developed the project among Europe and Latin American countries.

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Indexa Capital is the first profitable independent automated investment in Europe

Indexa Capital is the leading automated investing platform in Spain with more than 262 million Euros of managed assets. Indexa combines an investment management service (investment funds portfolios and index pension plans portfolios and Voluntary Social Benefit Entities (EPSVs)) with a customized financial planning service.

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Spanish fintech startup Bnext raises the largest Serie A financing in Spain worth $25

With the financing raised in the Series A round, led by DN Capital, Redalpine and Speedinvest, Bnext will strengthen its leadership in Spain and launch its services in Latin America.

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Minsait accelerates open banking business with the acquisition of the startup Afterbanks

Afterbanks unique technology, which allows banking data to be retrieved and aggregated quickly and payments to be initiated, complements Minsait’s advanced offering to the industry and extends its value proposition to financial institutions and other large payment operators around the world.

Startups | Fintech
Aplazame, Instant Credit for purchases, risk free

Founded by Fernando Cabello-Astolfi (CEO), François Derbaix (Advisor) and Daniel Molina (Ex Backend Developer) in 2014, Aplazame offers an instant credit risk-free solution for online and offline purchases.

Venture capital | Fintech
GoCardless secures $75 million Series E investment to open up access to the first global bank debit network

GoCardless, the global leader in recurring payments, has secured a $75 million Series E investment to open up access to the world’s first global bank debit network. By spring 2019, the GoCardless network will cover 70 per cent of the world’s recurring payments volume, spanning North America, Europe and APAC, enabling businesses to take recurring […]

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Next November 15 will take place the 23rd Forum of Investment in Healthcare

The Official Medical Association of Barcelona will welcome the most innovative startups and investors specialized in the health sector