The Power MBA

ThePowerMBA was created in July 2017. This is a totally transgressive business school concept that allows students to complete a business master’s degree for €499 by investing only 15 minutes of study per day. In other words, a disruption that has shown that it is no longer necessary to invest thousands or take a year out of your life.

After the success that this model has had in Spain and Latin America (more than 31,000 students in just 2 years), the company has taken the step to launch internationally and now has a presence in more than 22 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Canada and Australia.

To do so, it has the support of references such as the founders or directors of companies that are changing the world such as Youtube, Tesla, Shazam, Waze, Whole Foods or Circo del Sol, who have joined the project as teachers since they share the mission of democratizing education in the world.

Likewise, the best companies in the country put their trust in the school and train their employees with the masters, including Google, Amazon, Coca Cola, EY, Telefónica, Inditex, BuzzFeed and Santander. The school has managed to create a movement, in which students have a strong sense of belonging to the school. They currently organize more than 800 face-to-face events per year in more than 45 different cities.

Their masters are 100% online. Students can progress at their own pace and complete lessons from any device with an internet connection. The duration of the master’s for students who spend 15 minutes a day studying is 10 months.


They have four master’s courses:

ThePowerMBA. The first business master’s degree created by successful entrepreneurs and managers. Completely online and divided into 15-minute capsules with a total price of €499.

FutureLeaders. The master’s created by ThePowerMBA to prepare the next generation of successful entrepreneurs and managers. The master’s is 100% online and divided into 15-minute capsules per day with a price of €575.

ThePowerEcommerce. A master’s to learn step by step how to set up an online store from the most successful brands. 15 minutes per day, and totals €499.

ThePowerDigitalMarketing. An ultra-practical master’s that helps you understand digital marketing the way the greatest experts in the sector do. It is also online, in capsules of 15 minutes per day that amount to €499.

Anyone who wants to acquire all the necessary knowledge to become experts in digital marketing and business, can take the master’s ThePowerMBA with specialization in digital marketing. The price is €799.

In April they took the international leap and launched their global master’s degree with the aim of becoming the biggest and best business school in the world. They are currently selling their master’s in 22 countries.

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